To impact and change lives for a better tommorrow
​Well of Compassion is a non-profit organization committed to donating sheets to rural hospitals in Fiji and its neighboring islands.

It was founded through a local hospital in the Sacramento Sierra Region in 2012.

The organization tries to meet the shortage of sheets throughout the region.

The Labor and Delivery in Fiji are overwhelmed by the welfare done by Well of Compassion.

The aim is to reach all the hospitals and local clinics in the region.

Apart from sheets, Well of Compassion is committed to distributing medical supplies.

On the eighth of October 2013 I embarked on a mission trip to the Fiji Islands. My mission was to donate medical supplies, hospital sheets, backpacks, and flip flops to the people of Fiji. Several lives were changed including my life, as I see God orchestrate the whole event. As I ministered to individuals about the love of Jesus, and about what God has done in my life and my family's lives, knowing that God has a purpose and a plan in each of our lives, inspite of cultural, economic, and social issues. He is still the same and He still changes lives.
Boys at the shipping company worked overtime for this timely donation.
Our Feet on gravel road was quite a scene, as we donated these flip flops to the children at the Vunimono Primary School.
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Genesis 26:15-25 All the wells that Abraham digged was covered with earth by the Philistines. Isaac his son started digging those wells and found well of springing water. He dug one well after the other and found water. So the Lord appeared unto him the same night and said I am the God of Abraham your father, fear not, for I am with you and will bless you and multiply your seed for my servant Abraham's sake.

Through the Ministry of Education, Fiji It is our mission to pick one school in the rural villages in Fiji and donate backpacks. A lot of children there use plastic bags to carry their books and pencils. Our ongoing efforts are targeted to meet the needs of these children.
Feet On Gravel Road
Real change comes when you discover that you are here for a purpose bigger than what you see, feel, touch and hear on a daily basis. As we share the gospels to these ladies on a weekly basis their lives are transform for his glory.