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Well of Compassion would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and to thank all of our colleagues for the support and your faithfulness to us in the distribution of sheets/blankets and Medical supplies here locally in the Sacramento region and abroad to the Fiji islands and its hospitals. The 2014 Campaign was a success because of your support and determination to work alongside us in unleashing compassion to the very doorsteps/souls of people and organizations that were in need of these supplies. Many people and organizations were moved and touched by the enormous work and effort you all have put towards this cause. 

We would like to thank the medical institution here in California for providing us with the resources to make this happen by opening your doors for us to gather the products that have been needed.

"Fiji Freight" (Bay Area) for picking up and shipping of the supplies
"Abby's Faith Rental" for the vehicle needed in delivering the     supplies to and around the Fiji Islands
"Fiji Freight" (Suva) for letting us store the supplies
"Fiji Customs" for understanding the cause

We THANK YOU once again and a big Vinaka Vakalevu!

~Well of Compassion